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Butt urges fans to be patient

Manchester United, Nicky Butt, Premier League
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Manchester United’s development chief Nicky Butt believes there is quality in the Red Devils youth system and supporters have to be patient.

Manchester United is currently having its worst start in the English Premier League in the last 30 years.

And Red Devils’ development chief Nicky Butt has urged fans to be patient.

“They’re very exciting players,” Butt told The Daily Mail.

“We’re all excited about these young boys and there’s probably another four or five in the background that is slowly going to come up behind them.”

He continued: “Hopefully more behind that and more behind that, but they’re only babies and young at the minute.”

“But, for me, it’s difficult to bring in a lot of players into a team that’s not firing on all cylinders, if you like.”

“A lot was made when we came through. It was nothing to do with us as players,” he said.

“We were just good players, we were playing with world-class players who were superstars, who were men, who were leaders, who were winning trophies, winning leagues, getting to FA Cup finals every single year.”

“We went into a team like that, so you’ve got to be careful and I am not talking for Ole because he knows exactly what I am talking about, he went through it himself here,” he commented.

“You have to be careful when you put these players in because if they get too much expectation on their shoulders at an early age, a few bad games can see them fall by the wayside.”

“We know ourselves as adults. When you get rejection as a young teenager, whether it be football, girls don’t fancy you or something happens at college, you fail your driving license, it’s like the end of the world,” he concluded.