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Cagliari support Lukaku but defend own fans

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According to the Italian Lega Serie A team, they support Romelu Lukaku after the racial abuse allegations but defended its fans.

Internazionale Milan defeated Cagliaria 2-1 in yesterday’s Italian Lega Serie A fixture.

And as Inter’s Romelu Lukaku was set to take a penalty kick he allegedly was racially abused.

“Cagliari Calcio firmly distances themselves from the despicable events that took place on Sunday night at the Sardegna Arena during the game versus Inter,” said the hosting club according to Football Italia.

“The club underlines – once again – its intention to identify, isolate and ban those ignorant individuals, whose shameful actions and behaviors are completely against those values that Cagliari Calcio strongly promotes in all their initiatives. Every single day.”

“Cagliari-Inter was the right occasion to appreciate and enjoy positive cheer, never addressed against anybody,” they added.

“Cagliari Calcio does not want to underplay what occurred last night, endorses the respectable moral values of its people from all the stadium sections, but firmly rejects the outrageous accusations and silly stereotypes addressed to Cagliari supporters and the Sardinian people, which are absolutely unacceptable.”

“Our full support goes to Romelu Lukaku and even stronger commitment towards annihilating one of the worst plagues that affect football and our world in general,” the Italian club concluded.luded.”