Calderon: Florentino thinks Cristiano Ronaldo is overrated

Former Real Madrid president made yet another intriguing revelation about Florentino Perez’s bad relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo.

The last week has been a rollercoaster of emotions for Real Madrid as a club, president Florentino Perez saw how his terrible decision of letting Cristiano Ronaldo leave the club came back to bit him in the ass.

The chairman’s way to deal with the situation has been to sign Zinedine Zidane back as the manager, that’s been more than enough to cover for his obvious mistakes of letting both the French boss and Cristiano Ronaldo leave the club.

We can’t really blame Zidane’s departure on Florentino directly but he is the one to blame for Ronaldo all the way, he is the one who denied the Portuguese player a salary increase when he requested it but we didn’t really know his reasons until today.

Former president Ramon Calderon has very specific inside information about Los Blancos, his disdain for Florentino Perez is the main reason why he doesn’t shy away from sharing some of the most deplorable details of the president’s mistakes as the leader of this club.

The fact that Perez isn’t the one fully credited with bringing Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid was a major reason why he never really liked the player, but we didn’t know to which extent this bad relationship went.

During a conversation with a Spanish show called ‘Idolos’ that Diario AS reported on, Calderon revealed the whole truth about the idea that Florentino Perez really has about Cristiano Ronaldo.

The club’s president never really wanted to have a good relationship with the Portuguese player, something that resulted in his constant demonstrations of unhappiness for never feeling backed by the club’s own chairman.

When Ronaldo decided to play for Real Madrid, Florentino Perez still wasn’t the club’s president and the books were never going to credit him as the man who made the negotiation for the best player in Real Madrid’s history.

As we all know, Florentino Perez is a man obsessed with leaving the biggest legacy that any club president has ever left in all the major European competitions.

This brought Florentino to state that Cristiano Ronaldo is an overrated player according to Ramon Calderon, this revelation makes us understand Perez’s actions a little bit more.

Whether this statement fro Florentino is true or not, the cold way in which he always conducted himself around Cristiano Ronaldo speaks louder than anything he can say against Calderon’s claims.

“Cristiano had the hope of changing his club, he really wanted to come to Real Madrid,” said Calderon during the interview.

“It was a huge motivation for him to come because the club granted him so much from a personal standpoint, he wanted to win titles and succeed here.”

“Ronaldo also wanted recognition while playing for this club, he wanted to win many Ballon d’Or trophies (as he did). We had a year and a half negotiation process, but Manchester United finally accepted that 80 million pound offer.”

“I thought it was a relief that Florentino made the final decision to sign him and he didn’t turn his back, mainly because the president repeatedly stated that Cristiano Ronaldo was an overrated player.”

“Cristiano found out about this and he even renounced to the 30 million the club had to pay if the transfer wasn’t completed. He didn’t understand why Florentino could doubt him, that’s exactly when the 9-year long bad relationship started between the two.”

“The player eventually decided to sign for Real Madrid because the people closest to him convinced him. Jorge Mendes called me and told me that we finally made possible the transfer that we fought so hard to get.”

“The reality is that Florentino Perez had a bad relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo because he is a player that I brought to the club.”

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