Caligiuri talks about missing from the penalty spot

From the second time in his whole career, Schalke’s Daniel Caligiuri missed a goal opportunity from the penalty spot.

On Saturday’s German Bundesliga fixture, Schalke and Bayer Leverkusen tied 1-1.

But the game could have been won by the Blues, after 31-year-old Daniel Caligiuri missed a goal opportunity from the penalty spot, the second time in his career he has done this.

“It just wasn’t a good shot, I had too many thoughts in my head,” Caligiuri told the club’s official website.

“Next time, I’ll step up to the spot again, and I’ll score!”

“The keeper stood his ground for a long time—that was good from him,” he added.

“It would have been the perfect one-two punch. I think that we would have won the game after that.”

He continued: “The shot wasn’t accurate enough. The next one will be.”

Thomas Muller, Philippe Coutinho, Bayern Munich, Bundesliga

Kovac says it will be unlikely to see Coutinho and Muller in the same...

According to the Bayern Munich coach, Niko Kovac, both players don't fit in the team's line-up at the same time so he doesn't think they will be featured together.

“We want to end this disappointing season with a win, in order to go into the summer break on a high.”

“If we play the way we did during the second half, then we will be able to win against Stuttgart,” he concluded.



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