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Calm Ancelotti is helping his players through the lockdown

Ancelotti, Mina, Everton
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Carlo Ancelotti is a calming influence over his players in a time of stress and concern according to Everton defender Yerry Mina.

Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti is calling on all his 40 plus years of experience in football as a top player and manager to help his players through the coronavirus lockdown.

Just like all the other Premier League clubs, and many others around the world, Everton’s players are enduring a tough isolation period.

In the early stages of the crisis, Ancelotti was a vocal critic of the powers that be in the handling of the situation.

But experienced manager Ancelotti is helping them through this time of uncertainty with his calm demeanor.

In an interview with the club’s website, defender Yerry Mina admits the boss’ way of handling the situation is very help full.

The former Barcelona man has spoken to both Ancelotti senior and his assistant and son Davide.

He said:

“Ancelotti is always full of charisma and giving off a positive vibe, which really helps you to perform well.”

“The last time I spoke with him it was just the same as ever.”

“I’ve been speaking a lot with Davide, the manager’s assistant, during this situation.”

“But a while ago at the start of this pandemic, I spoke with the gaffer and it was a very good conversation.”

“As we all know the manager is just top quality.”

“It’s the calmness he has in situations where we might be under extreme pressure.”

“He ensures that everyone around him stays calm, too. He keeps his head and thinks in those moments.”

“He is the boss.”

It’s nice to hear that Carlo has calmed down. In one of his last outings before the shutdown, he was a little highly strung. The Italian was subsequently hit with a misconduct charge by the FA for losing his cool with match officials.