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Can Ronaldo finally break his goal drought at Juventus?

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We take a look at Cristiano Ronaldo’s third attempt to score in Serie A for the first time in his career, can he break the drought against Sassuolo?

Now that the international break is over and every club in Europe has returned to endure one of the busiest months of the whole season, Juventus FC can rest easy because they will have a fully rested Cristiano Ronaldo who is also very eager to score his first-ever goal for Juventus. The Portuguese forward has been preparing like the machine that he is during these last couple of weeks, he has done it away from the spotlight with all his concentration fully determined to get his first goal this Sunday at Juventus Stadium when the Old Lady faces Sassuolo. The most surprising squad in Serie A this early in the season wants to take their shot to defeat the champion, with Cristiano Ronaldo included and they will have it in just a few hours when kick-off gets the match underway. But all the attention will be centered in Cristiano Ronaldo, the former Real Madrid player who shocked the world by deciding to leave Los Blancos and gracing the Italian Serie A with his presence during the final years of his career as a professional. The stats that Cristiano has delivered in three matches are very similar to the ones he had at Real Madrid, with the slight difference that he still hasn’t scored his first goal.

But his preparation during this time all his international teammates were off with their national teams was very demanding, a program that kept him completely focused for what will happen in this game. Cristiano Ronaldo is looking to end his goal-drought just in time for his return to Spain next Wednesday where he will clash against his friend Peter Lim’s Valencia CF in the Champions League, that day will mark the first time Ronaldo sets foot in Spanish territory after leaving Los Blancos and the expectation will be very high. But the pressure can get even greater if Cristiano doesn’t get to score that goal he’s been looking for this past three Serie A matches, we all know he is obsessed with this and we also know that all his teammates will do everything they can to give him that satisfaction. And we also know very well that once that goal drought is broken, Cristiano Ronaldo will go back to his old self and he will start scoring them in pairs in this new Italian adventure. Make sure you tune in your sports channel that provides Serie A in a few hours, so you can witness Cristiano Ronaldo making history.

In the meantime and while we wait for that, we can also look a little bit into how relaxed Cristiano Ronaldo has been during these last two weeks in training sessions. Yesterday’s antics mark the second time he’s trolled the Italian news reporters during a live TV broadcast, he photobombed two different Juventus reporters in the same week and proved that he is trying to relax as much as possible before this month of competition starts this Sunday. But the player’s smile will either stay on his face or leave it very soon, depending on how fast he gets his first goal for Juventus. We all know it is only a matter of time, but he obviously wants to take the weight off his shoulders as soon as possible. This small drought he is going through with the Italian club, is actually very familiar from his recent years at Real Madrid as he also began his two previous seasons before this one with goal droughts, and we all know how well that ended for Cristiano by the end of all his competitions. Just wait and see, what Ronaldo has in store for all of us in this new adventure in Serie A.

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