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Can you believe it? The ridiculous goalscoring phenomenon that is Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United
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Goals win soccer games. That is an undeniable truth. The better you are at scoring goals, the more likely that you’ll be a hero to the fans, both at club and international level.

Every team is desperate to find themselves a top goalscorer, a player who will always be able to find himself in the right positions and be able to produce a finish to get the ball past the goalkeeper. It doesn’t always need to look pretty, it just needs to be effective.

The Premier League is the most-watched soccer league in the world and has seen some of the finest strikers and goal scorers of the past 25 years ply their trade there. The current top scorer of all time in the Premier League is Alan Shearer, who scored goals for Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United. He finished as the top scorer for three years in a row, between 1994 and 1997. In his 14 years playing at the highest level, he managed a staggering 260 league goals. He retired in 2006, but to this day his phenomenal record still stands.

Some players have certainly given it their all, but haven’t gotten that close to beating the record. Wayne Rooney played the majority of his career for Manchester United, as well as two periods at his local side Everton. He played 50 more times than Shearer, but scored 52 goals less, ending his career with 208 Premier League goals, which is still incredibly impressive.

The highest-scoring active player in the Premier League is Tottenham’s Harry Kane. So far he has 166 goals in 245 appearances. Given he is only 28 and seems likely to stay in England for the rest of his career (even if he does manage to get a move away from Tottenham) he looks like the player most likely to break the record.

Cristiano Ronaldo might not be in the top 10 for highest goal scorers in Premier League history, but he certainly made a huge impact on the league during his initial six-year period playing for Manchester United and has scored a ridiculous amount of goals for United, Real Madrid, and Juventus. Now, he is back at the club and looking as sharp as ever. If you were to look on the app store sports betting apps you would be able to see the odds on Ronaldo breaking many more scoring records. Let’s take a look at his career to truly appreciate his goal scoring talents.

First spell in England

Ronaldo moved to Manchester United at the age of 18. Back then he showed a lot of potential but was still very raw. Sir Alex Ferguson, the United boss at the time, helped mould him into the world-class goal-scoring machine he is today.

It took him a few years to get going at United, as he only scored 18 goals in his first three seasons. It was in the 2006/07 campaign where things began to kick-off, as he scored 17 goals in 34 appearances, where he finished as the third-highest goalscorer for the season. The next year he hit an amazing 31 goals in 34 games, a Premier League record (for a season with 20 teams) at the time. While he dropped down to 18 goals in 33 games the next year, he still finished as the second-highest goalscorer that year.

Crossing the channel into Europe

If Ronaldo’s numbers for Manchester United seem impressive, his consistency in scoring lots of goals went to another level playing for Real Madrid. His record each season is as follows- 26,40,46,34,31,48,35,25,26. A total of 311 league goals for the Spanish giants. The one that stands out is the 48 goals in the 2014/15 season, in only 35 league games, averaging 1.37 goals per game. These records really are difficult to believe.

Even as Ronaldo got older and left Spain to move to Juventus, his impressive stats continued. In the three seasons he spent playing in Turin, he managed 21, 31 and 29 goals, showing he wasn’t done scoring goals just yet.

All-time leading international goalscorer

It is not just club football where CR7 has distinguished himself. He has played for Portugal regularly for the last 18 years, and in that time has managed 111 goals in 180 appearances. That is more than any other international player ever, surpassing the 109 set by Ali Daei during his career playing for Iran. Ronaldo’s total will probably never be beaten, and it is clearly a record that means an awful lot to him, given his determination to outscore everyone else.

Will Ronaldo continue to break goalscoring records now he has moved back to Manchester United? Seeing as he scored two goals in his first appearance of his second spell, we wouldn’t put anything past the great man at this point.