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Cancelo believes City can win the Champions League

Joao Cancelo, Manchester City, UEFA Champions League
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According to Portugal’s right-back, Joao Cancelo, his team can win this season’s UEFA Champions League trophy.

Manchester City is set to play against Atalanta tonight in the UEFA Champions League.

And for Citizens’ right-back Joao Cancelo, his team can lift the trophy at the end of the 2019-2020 season.

“When I came here, I came here also to learn. Pep, I think, is the best manager in today’s football,” he told Four Four Two.

“I came here to learn from him, and I think that when I play for him I will always learn something and that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

“City is one of the teams that can win the Champions League – no doubt about it,” he added.

“I’ve been aiming to win this competition since I was a child. Juventus also want to win but I came here because this is my type of football.”

Cancelo said: “It’s true it took me some time to learn but what is important is that the club wins.”

“I chose to come here. I was happy to wait for my moment and when I finally had an opportunity to play, I did well and the team won.”

“They’re a strong team, a physical team. Atalanta press very well,” he commented.

“They have players that are technically skilled and I believe it will be a difficult match. We will have to play well because they have some quality players.”

“It will be a lively, interesting match. I hope we will get the three points because obviously if we get to nine points, we will be in a more secure position in the group,” Cancelo concluded.