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Capello believes players should want to give back

Fabio Capello
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Former England manager Fabio Capello believes top-earning footballers should want to give back to their communities in a time of crisis.

The debate rages on about footballers, their huge salaries, and what should be done given the financial fallout from COVID-19. Fabio Capello does not want to see pay cuts, but rather players wanting to give back.

The Italian tactician insists that pay cuts are not the right thing to do.

However, he is also clear about what he thinks footballers should want to do. Capello hints that it is a moral obligation.

Speaking to Laureushe is not just talking about money either. He feels that the players should use their notoriety as well as their wealth to help.

He said:

“There has been a big debate in many countries about whether footballers should agree to take pay cuts at this time.”

“I am not sure about pay cuts, as that involves the clubs.”

“But I do believe that top professional footballers, who earn so much money today, should realize how lucky they are and give support to people in their local communities at this terrible time.”

“This isn’t just about money; it’s about giving time, the benefit of their status and celebrity, and being active members of society.”

He picks out two legends of the game as the benchmark for today’s crop of stars to look towards.

The former AC Milan boss added:

“Del Piero is raising funds for the Italian Red Cross and is planning to bring together the 2006 Italy World Cup-winning team to play in a fundraiser.”

“Ryan Giggs, the manager of Wales, has offered rooms in hotels he owns in Manchester for use by health workers.”