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Capello recommends Mauro Icardi for Real Madrid

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Legendary Italian manager Fabio Capello, sent Real Madrid a recommendation of buying Mauro Icardi in the near future as their new striker.

Italian manager Fabio Capello is one of the few manager who has succeeded as the Real Madrid manager in two different spells, more than enough reason for the club to listen to his advice on Inter striker Mauro Icardi.

The Argentina international has developed an impressive career at the Italian club, where he has already scored 103 goals in Serie A since he arrived at the club back in 2013.

Simply put, Mauro Icardi has what other Real Madrid forwards like Mariano or Karim Benzema are lacking right now: that killer instinct.

To former manager Fabio Capello, signing a top-class player like Mauro should be a no-brainer for Los Blancos who are currently looking for the perfect Cristiano Ronaldo replacement.

And while Icardi’s quota in Serie A each season is at least half fewer goals than what Cristiano accomplished at Real Madrid, one has to note that scoring 25 goals per season in Italian football is really complicated and his quota should increase dramatically in a competition that grants more freedom to the strikers.

Plus, Icardi would say yes in an instant to a club like Real Madrid.

“I’m a huge Mauro Icardi fan. If I was Real Madrid I would sign him immediately,” said Capello during a Rai Sports podcast.

“He is a specialist inside the box and near the penalty line, just like Cristiano Ronaldo was during his last period at Real Madrid.”

“Mauro is a player who can see and feel the goal. He has the best moves inside the box and near the penalty area like very few other players in the world have.”

“If you place him three balls inside the box, I assure you that he will strike all three of them,” he added.

During his interview, Fabio Capello also reminisced about his time coaching Gonzalo Higuain who is also from Argentina: “When he struck the ball, Higuain always had the quality to find the target without a problem.”

“This means that as a forward, you have coordination, the best mentality, and the best technical capabilities.”

“Today, he has improved even more because he always becomes part of the action, playing in Europe helped him tremendously, he used to wait for the ball quite a bit more.”

“Gonzalo is a very interesting individual on the human side, he has always been a great kid.”

Finally, Capello also spoke about the chances that Juventus has of winning the Serie A title this season: “I simply can’t see a scenario in which Juventus can lose the ‘Scudetto’. They have shown strength, conviction, almost arrogance in front of their rivals.”

“I see them as the ultra favorites to win the tournament, I don’t see any rival that can beat them this season,” Capello concluded.

The final take away from Fabio Capello’s interview, is what he discussed about Mauro Icardi and how much this manager trusts the Internazionale Milano striker.

Granted, Mauro has developed into one of Serie A’s top players in the last five seasons, but it’s still uncertain if he will do the same in a giant club like Real Madrid.

For now, Los Blancos maintain their search for that striker who can fill the void that Cristiano Ronaldo left when he moved to Juventus.

Mauro Icardi is one more of a short list of players who could become that suitable replacement, but it will be nearly impossible to get someone who can produce the same number of goals per season in the most successful club in football history.

What do you think about Fabio Capello’s recommendation, should Real Madrid sign Mauro Icardi? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.