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Cappa believes Barcelona can recover the best Neymar

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After Argentina’s elimination against Brazil, Luis Angel Cappa spoke candidly about Neymar’s possible reunion with Messi at FC Barcelona.

There is a general feeling that Neymar’s career could be over regardless of what he does with his future, but Luis Angel Cappa thinks differently.

The Argentine manager is one of the most authorized voices to speak about football, he is considered one of the wisest men in the business.

He recently spoke to Cadena Ser right after Brazil eliminated Argentina in Copa America, he gave his opinion about the PSG star’s possible return to Barcelona.

Contrary to what most people in the Catalan club think, Luis Angel Cappa still believes in Neymar’s star power and quality as a player.

We are still talking about one of the most successful active players in the world, one who still won many trophies during these two years in France.

In fact, we could already see Neymar could get bored easily in Ligue 1 after only a couple of matches during his first season.

When he initially left, the Brazil international was destined to fail on his attempt to conquer Europe in a club that had no tradition in the Champions League.

It is only natural that he wants to play for a club where he can continue winning the trophies he won at Barcelona, but he also had other options on the table.

Real Madrid always remained a clear choice for Neymar.

Florentino Perez never stopped believing that Neymar could be a great option for Los Blancos after he got tired of PSG, rumors of his transfer to the Spanish capital started from his first day in Paris.

But as time went by and the club saw him making the wrong decisions out of the pitch, the club’s president began to doubt Neymar more and more.

The first of three injuries he suffered wasn’t a strong enough reason for Los Blancos to give up on the player.

Not even the second time he suffered a new blow on the exact same region of his foot was good enough to veer Real Madrid away.

However, the problems that this player presented with his image were a major issue to Florentino.

Real Madrid is one of the most respected and prestigious clubs in football history, they can’t have players misbehaving as Neymar did over the last two years.

The man picked up a nasty reputation in France, they even started comparing him to pop stars due to his many antics off the pitch.

But when it came to performing on the pitch, Neymar never stopped playing at the top of his game.

Even during this last season, his numbers are worthy of a world-class star. His only problems on paper are his injuries.

This is why Cappa is right about Neymar.

The biggest advantage Neymar has when it comes to his professional career, is that the player always took his physical conditioning very seriously.

If it wasn’t due to his discipline, this man would’ve killed his career years ago.

But the Brazilian understands that staying in top shape always is absolutely essential for him to remain relevant in the transfer market despite his injuries.

Cappa understands this aspect, which is why he trusts that this player can be recovered by FC Barcelona. All Neymar needs is getting back together with Messi as the ideal motivation.

“Neymar can be recovered by Barcelona, he got really bored when he played in France and he won Ligue 1 practically walking,” said Cappa on Cadena SER.

“His biggest mistake was leaving Barcelona, I hope he can return to Camp Nou. I say this as a football fan.”

“I believe he is an outstanding player and I wish he can get together with Messi in a football pitch again.”

“Valverde’s biggest problem will come when he doesn’t have that many amazing players to choose from, having that many options reduces your chances of making any mistakes.”

Do you think Neymar’s career can still be saved if he moves back to Barcelona? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.