Cappa compares Messi with LeBron James

According to the Real Madrid assistant coach, the problem with Messi and Argentina is that they are “different schools of play.”

Many have criticized Lionel Messi’s performances for the Argentina national team.

He has won everything with Barcelona, but he hasn’t won anything with the senior squad of his native country.

And Real Madrid assistant coach Angel Cappa has compared Messi to NBA power forward LeBron James, who used to win everything before going to Los Angeles Lakers.

“Messi belongs to the Barcelona school and he is always simpler and more natural,” Cappa was quoted by Marca.

Lucas Alcaraz

Alcaraz recalls how he beat Barcelona in 2014

The last time Granada defeated the Blaugrana was on April 12, 2014, when Lucas Alcaraz was coaching the Granada team.

“LeBron James played nine NBA finals and won three, but no more and this year he didn’t make the playoffs.”

He explained: “If you do not have a team or a style of football it’s very hard.”

“Messi can contribute all his magic because he is one of the greatest footballers in history, but what he can’t do is solve what a team can’t solve.”

“He can’t escape criticism, as there are journalists who are part of the system and think that by saying such things they gain an audience,” he continued.

“Messi does not surrender, he does not quit and he does not give up and that is wonderful, as he intends to try again and again until he can.”


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