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Carlos Tevez explains the effect Messi has on elite players

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During an interview in Argentina, Carlos Teves explained what it means to watch Leo Messi perform at his best to a world-class player like himself.

Lionel Messi has an effect on people that no other footballer has, but he creates something special in elite players like Carlos Tevez as well.

There are countless video proofs that the Barcelona star has an overwhelming majority of elite players who still try to figure out how he does the things he does.

It doesn’t matter if they are rivals or teammates, Lionel Messi always has a way to give anybody a surprise and surrender at his feet thanks to his talent.

We actually have a fairly recent account from last week of Carlos Tevez talking about Lionel Messi’s talents on the pitch and what this meant to him.

The Boca Juniors idol has lived a long and successful career both in Europe and the American continent.

Tevez is considered one of the best players of his generation and he’s lived his fair share of fans going crazy over his mad skills.

This is full-on baller who very rarely gets impressed by anybody inside his own profession and he still got floored when he saw Messi playing live.

Whether it’s next to him or against him, the Barcelona star has always managed to leave a mark in one of Boca Juniors’ best players in football history.

Carlitos recently spoke to renowned journalist Alejandro Fantino on his show called ‘Animales Sueltos’, they discussed several topics.

But the interviewer has always been a Messi fan and he never misses the opportunity to ask players about their experience playing with or against Leo.

Tevez has always been an open guy, he never hides from the truth and speaks with candor when they ask him about any topic.

But hearing him talk about another player in such terms is a bit surprising considering how highly Carlos Tevez thinks of himself as a baller.

“I always keep saying that he even surprises the rest of the players,” said Tevez on a part of the interview extracted by Marca.

“Surprising an elite player is very tricky. It’s hard when you have to ask yourself how on earth he did something.”

“The things he does make you look twice in disbelief and ask yourself how it was possible. I can even tell you that this feeling happens inside the pitch as well.”

“It’s hard to believe but it really does happen. You freeze and watch. There were times when he charged on two or three players I moved right behind him thinking that he wouldn’t score the goal.”

“I kept thinking one of his defenders would take the ball from him but he always managed to get past every one of them.”

“He simply is from another world. It’s also hard for the players to understand the things Messi can do. It’s something that I can’t wrap my head around.”

We are experiencing vintage Messi

Even though we are aware that Lionel Messi tends to always play spectacular football, we can also get the argument of him not being at his best in the last three years.

FC Barcelona has been eliminated in the Champions League by Atletico Madrid, Juventus, and AS Roma during the three previous editions of the tournament.

The Argentine player didn’t appear in any of those matches but this season seems to be different for him personally.

Messi is on a mission to win the fifth Champions League of his career and this has brought the very best out of him.

We are starting to see patterns from the best seasons that Leo Messi has offered throughout his career in all competitions.

We see things from the 2008-09 Messi, the 2010-11 Messi, and the 2014-15 Messi.

The Liverpool challenge will be one of the most exciting for him yet, the Champions League winner could come out of that semifinal series.

It will be Messi’s Barcelona against Salah’s Liverpool and the winner will take the throne.

We are certain that the Argentine is ready for this new test that will come during the final days of April.

We leave you with more elite players talking about Messi and the effect he causes on them.

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