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Carlos Tevez reveals that he never really liked football

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Boca Juniors’ striker Carlos Tevez, granted an interview to Diario Clarin from Argentina, in which he revealed that he doesn’t like football.

Throughout football history, there have been several players like Carlos Tevez who are very good as professionals but don’t really like football.

To the story we are about to tell you of Carlitos, we can also add the one about Mexican Carlos Vela who prefers basketball or Mario Balotelli who only looks at football as his job, which is why he doesn’t celebrate when he scores goals.

But with Tevez, things are a little different, for he grew up in a very tough neighborhood that hardly ever gave him time to think about the sport as he always had to think about taking care of his family and not getting into trouble in his hometown.

Fuerte Apache is a small province of Buenos Aires where Carlo Tevez grew up, that’s where his family had a pizzeria business and the place where he got the scar on his face.

Since he was a very small boy, Carlitos always proved that he was an incredible athlete, and life eventually told him that his destiny was to become one of the best footballers from modern times.

Carlitos is back in Fuerte Apache right now, where the cable channel TyC Sports are producing a series about his life called ‘Apache’.

Tevez was approached by the channel for the development of the series, the idea attracted him enough to get completely involved in the project and he is even helping out with the development of the script.

Tevez was recently interviewed by Argentinean journal Clarin, where he revealed that he doesn’t really like watching football as he prefers golf above anything else. “I never watch football. I don’t like it.

“If Barcelona-Real Madrid is on, I change the channel to watch golf. I was never a football fanatic. I like to have the ball between my feet,” said Tevez to Clarin.

“I don’t watch games but River is a good team. I can’t think about the final because it would be disrespecting Palmeiras.”

“Winning it with the club you love is the best feeling you can have as a footballer.” “In my neighborhood you had to live off drugs, weapons, and robbery.”

“It was hard but we were happy. Always playing with a ball in the streets. We waste time in our country arguing and not helping children who die of hunger in the streets. When they need my help, I come,” he concluded.

Carlos Tevez is currently playing for Boca Juniors where he is about to face Palmeiras in the Copa Libertadores final, if they beat the Brazilian club and River Plate does the same against Gremio, we could have the very first Boca-River Copa Libertadores final in football history.

Carlitos Tevez could be right in the middle of this hypothetical final, but he knows that there are still two very important semifinal matches to be played.

While these games come knocking on our doors, the man is still helping out his beloved Fuerte apache with everything he can.

The series that TyC Sports is developing, should help out in boosting the town economy and make Tevez even happier than he already is because he has never forgotten his roots as any famous football player should do.

But him not actually liking football seems a bit odd, because we are talking about one of Boca Juniors’ most celebrated players in the club’s history.

What do you think about Carlitos Tevez not liking the very sport that changed his life forever? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.