Carlos Vela opens up about his alleged Barcelona transfer

Now that there have been a lot of rumors about Carlos Vela going to FC Barcelona, the player finally spoke publicly about it.

The last week has been very busy for striker Carlos Vela, he has been linked to a possible transfer back to La Liga to play for FC Barcelona.

Until the moment he spoke in front of the press, all that noise was only rumors that didn’t confirm anything, but the Mexican player said his piece about the whole deal this Sunday.

The truth of the matter is that Vela is still very young to leave football in Europe, we are talking about one of the most talented Mexican players in the last decade and someone who made a career at a club such as Real Sociedad.

Carlos Vela was actually given a proper farewell ceremony from the Basque club when he left to play for Los Angeles FC in the MLS, people treated him like a true legend of the club despite not having won a single title.

After leaving the Spanish La Liga behind, Carlos Vela seemed to have found a whole new motivation in football as he became one of the MLS’ most important players.

But this new rumor has struck a nerve, Carlos Vela does seem interested in a move to Barcelona after all.

Just this Sunday, the Los Angeles FC star spoke to the press about the rumors and didn’t deny anything.

“Subjects like this tend to be complicated to talk about, mainly because one can always end up on the wrong side of things…” said Carlos via Diario AS.

“I’m working and doing things in the best possible manner right now, the rest is a matter of the clubs and my agent. I always think, ‘I’m in Los Angeles’, people talk about the Barcelona rumor and it’s all good.”

“Everything that happens to me is good. Whatever happens to me will keep me happy because I am very happy to keep playing in Los Angeles with my club, I try to enjoy every day and I have nothing to lose in any case.”

“These are always good signals, people talking about me. The fact that there is anybody interested in you means that you are going the right way and that can only motivate me to be better.”

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“I have to keep proving that I am a leader… I have to do this in order to take this new franchise to the very top,” he added.

As of right now, FC Barcelona still hasn’t decided about Carlos Vela’s future or another player’s.

The plan was to sign the Mexican player if a mystery forward didn’t agree to play for the club, but the Catalan giants will end up signing a brand new forward because they can’t afford to not have a replacement for Luis Suarez during the current season.

We all know that manager Ernesto Valverde does like the idea of Carlos Vela playing for FC Barcelona, now we know that the Mexican may be also keen on making the move to the Spanish giants.

The only problem here is that Los Angeles FC is not really keen on letting their best player leave, even if it’s on a loan.

Chances are that Vela won’t leave the MLS to play for Barcelona, but it’s still nice to know that he does love the idea that such a massive club might be interested in signing him.

It’s a damn shame that Carlos Vela might not play for Barcelona this season, it would’ve been quite a treat for everybody.

What do you think Carlos Vela should do, play for Barcelona or remain at Los Angeles FC? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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