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Carragher believes Barkley could be an English star

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The Chelsea footballer has scored in his last three matches in the English Premier League and played with England in the UEFA Nations League

24-year-old midfielder Ross Barkley recently joined Chelsea in the English Premier League.

The Liverpool-born player has appeared in 11 matches, scoring 3 goals in the last three of them.

And for former footballer Jamie Carragher, he can soon become an English star.

“The big one is dribbles. We all love to see players dribble but football is a passing game and maybe two or three times a game you have the chance to go on a dribble,” Carragher said to Sky Sports.

“It can’t be five times a game, and I think that was where he was losing the ball at Everton. Now he is making better decisions.”

“Also look at the distance covered, I think he’s fitter, stronger and maybe that is something to do with what we are seeing now at Chelsea,” he added.

“He was really good for Everton but towards the end of his time there his decision-making wasn’t great.”

“He dribbled when he should have passed, he passed when he should have dribbled, and the crowd got on his back and he found it difficult at times. Maybe it was the pressure of being the main man at Everton to create something,” he commented.