Carragher slams Chelsea’s style of play

According to the former English Premier League player, Chelsea is playing very poorly, comparing their game to a “basketball game.”

Chelsea has yet to win under Frank Lampard’s management, and former English Premier League manager Jamie Carragher has slammed the team.

“What would worry him [Lampard] most is that it’s like watching a basketball game,” he told The Daily Mail.

“People keep talking about them being naive. They have got no organization in possession.”

He explained: “Every clip I look at there is a 40 square by 40 square of space.”

“They are not organized in an attack. It’s too easy to get out, that’s why it becomes a basketball game.”

Arsenal v watford

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“Towards the end of the game they should have lost really,” he added.

“If Frank had another sub, I think he would have brought him [Willian] off. He was shocking.”


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