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Carragher urges Klopp to bolster Liverpool ASAP

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The former English Premier League footballer believes Liverpool need new signings if they are to win the national competition someday.

Liverpool fought until the last minute last season to try to win the English Premier League.

But they ended up one point behind Manchester City, who have crowned champions.

And for former EPL footballer, Jamie Carragher, the Reds should bolster their squad as soon as possible.

“I think he is the one player outside of the top six who Liverpool should be looking at,” Carragher said according to The Express.

“People have been talking about [Philippe] Coutinho coming back, but obviously that hasn’t happened as he’s gone to Bayern Munich.”

“But if you are looking in the Premier League, yes he will cost a lot of money, but he should be the one Liverpool are looking at if you’re going to that next step up,” he commented.

“He is a genuinely creative player. I think he is outstanding.”

Carragher added: “I think he will be playing for England a lot of times.”

“He will be in the European Championship squad. I think he’s fantastic.”