Carrick explains why he decided to become a coach

The Manchester United first-team coach had “mixed feelings” after deciding to retire from playing football.

Over a year ago, Michael Carrick was still playing for Manchester United, but in the summer he retired from professional football.

He had been playing for 19 years, with 12 of those dressed in the Red Devils’ shirt.

And when he retired, he decided to be part of Jose Mourinho’s staff, becoming the club’s first-team coach, a decision with left him with “mixed feelings.”

“I was ready to finish playing, I’d had enough,” he was quoted by Football 365.

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“Luckily I could go out when I was ready. Not many people get into that situation where they can decide for themselves and fortunately I was ready. In the last couple of years, I just knew. I wasn’t at the level I wanted to be at.”

“I had just done the same thing for so long and it was time. I always had in my mind about having time away from football for the kids and the family, but there was no way I was walking away from this club when the opportunity came along. I am so glad that I made that decision and I am here,” he added.

“It has been a massive change for me. Playing for so long, you just get used to it, used to doing the same things, having that routine and focusing on performing for yourself – getting the best out of yourself.”

“You kind of have mixed feelings when you go into being a coach, thinking about how it is going to be and how different it is going to be. It is a big challenge and very different from playing. It is something I have really enjoyed. Obviously, there have been ups and downs throughout the season, but I am really enjoying myself at the moment and looking forward to what is ahead,” he explained.

“I am never at home – just ask my wife! She knows about that. It is long hours and obviously a lot more work, but you get the rewards.”


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