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Carvalhal admires Mourinho a lot

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Carlos Carvalhal and his Swansea are about to face Manchester United at Old Trafford – and the manager of the guests has a huge respect for José Mourinho which is “the king”, according to his words.

Manchester United were eliminated from the Champions League and they are out of the title race in the domestic league – however, Carvalhal still believes that Mourinho is the best manager around.

The Swansea coach spoke about his upcoming opponent as he said, according to Sports Keeda:

“He is our king of football. He is the best manager ever for Porto.”

“He opened the doors for the new generation of managers to go abroad. He opened the ideas of the world on Portuguese coaches.”

“He’s a fighter – what I mean is he’s very good at mind games”

“The way he acts, he likes the theatre of it, and he usually wins all these battles. I am completely different, I prefer to be out of the theatre.”