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Carvalhal doesn’t count with Sanches


Carlos Carvalhal doesn’t think that he will be able to use Renato Sanches this season as the Portuguese is on his way to recovering from the hamstring injury that he suffered earlier this season.

The midfielder hasn’t played for the Welsh club since autumn and the coach insisted that he is not likely to change it until the end of the season – and then, the player will come back to Bayern Munich.

The Swansea manager spoke about Sanches’ situation as he said, according to ESPN:

“He is back but is training with the physio, doing conditioning work. It will be a week before he trains with the team, and next week, he can be involved, but he has had a lot of weeks away.”

“We may need him in the last week [because] we could have injuries,” Carvalhal said. “Expectations are low at this moment. That is all we can say. We are not at the beginning of the season. We are near the end. He has been out for three months and is not ready.”