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Carvalhal had a high praise for Ayew


Carlos Carvalhal has managed to improve the results and performances of Swansea rapidly and he insisted that it is because his team are full of quality players – such as Jordan Ayew.

The Portuguese manager insisted that the former Marseille striker is one of the best on his position in the whole Premier League and he has been one of the most crucial players in Swansea’s this year’s campaign.

The Swans coach spoke about his side’s attacker as he said, according to Sports Mole:

“To me, he is one of the best attackers in the Premier League, a fantastic addition to us.”

“I don’t know how good he was before. I kicked him in the neck and said ‘let’s go!'”

 “I put him in the correct position and gave him the confidence to play, that’s what we did to him. It is my surprise people were being negative about him before I arrived.”

“If you have a flower, if you care with it, correct water and correct sun, it will be very nice. If it has too much sun and water it will die. So we have given the players a nice environment, this is easy and natural in my opinion. This is what we try to do.”