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Carvalhal not afraid of the relegation

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Swansea currently are in the relegation zone but Carlos Carvalhal believes that there is nothing to be afraid of as the situation in the league is difficult and West Ham are just three points ahead despite being placed 13th.

And these two sides are about to face each other as the crucial part of the season is nearing and both teams will need points desperately to boost their chances of survival in the highest division.

The Portuguese coach spoke about his side’s chances of avoiding the relegation as he said, according to Sky Sports:

“I do not feel under pressure. We were under as much pressure when we were six points above (relegation). This is not pressure, pressure is in Syria and Afghanistan, these kinds of situations.”

“In football it’s pressure to win a game. You pretend to be better than the opponents and in the pitch you have to discuss different arguments against a team and in the end see which team will win.”

“We respect West Ham. They have a very good coach and good players also. The season is under expectations I believe for West Ham.”