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Carvalhal will celebrate Premier League survival with Mourinho’s gift

Swansea City v Everton - Premier League
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Swansea City manager Carlos Carvalhal is hyped for the celebrations after the Premier League season ends and he will be toasting his side’s survival in the championship with a special drink.

Swansea will be facing Manchester City on Sunday and while there will be no certainty this weekend, even if they were to shockingly win, Carvalhal is assured this is only a matter of time.

“I have a bottle that Mourinho gave me when we played them, a Portuguese wine, that I am ready to open with my staff if we stay in the Premier League like we expect and are optimistic about,” Carvalhal shared, according to Goal.

“When we arrived we had 0.01 per cent chance of staying up, nobody believed we would, everybody thought the team would be relegated soon.”

“Now we are optimistic, I don’t know the percentage but we have changed things completely and we have things in our hand to stay in the Premier League.”

“Everything is possible, but reality shows to us we have lost three games. We are achieving points in most of our games. I don’t know why we wouldn’t continue to do that until the end of the season. I believe we will and if we do we will stay up,” Carvalhal went on to add.