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CAS supports UEFA and hits out at Manchester City

Manchester City
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The Court of Arbitration for Sport has given a scathing account of Manchester City in their appeal against their two-year ban from European competition.

CAS overturned Manchester City’s ban and reduced their fine from €30 million to €10 million. However, it was unhappy with the Citizens’ approach to the whole matter. 

BBC reported that CAS was equivocal in their disdain of City’s lack of cooperation towards UEFA. It also acquitted UEFA of claims of filing ‘frivolous charges’ against the club. 

“The panel is of the view that Uefa by no means filed frivolous charges against City but based on the evidence the panel cannot reach the conclusion that disguised funding was paid to City,” the Arbitral Award stated.  

UEFA had claimed that Manchester City withheld information and was uncooperative with the European football body. 

“..on countless occasions refused to answer questions, refused to provide documents, refused to arrange for the attendance of requested persons and – ultimately – it even instructed its own expert witness not to answer specific questions.”

However, CAS only found two instances where Manchester City failed to comply with the demands made of them. 

The report also revealed the names of nine Premier League clubs that petitioned for City’s disbarment from UEFA competitions pending an appeal by the club. The Sky Blues never made that appeal and had the CAS decision in their favor.

Arsenal, Burnley, Chelsea, Leicester, Liverpool, Man United, Newcastle, Tottenham, and Wolves were named as the petitioning clubs. 

City will play in UEFA Champions League next season after finishing second in Premier League behind Liverpool.

Pep Guardiola’s men are still involved in the elite club competition. They take on the challenge of Real Madrid to secure passage into the quarter-finals.