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Cascarino praises Campbell

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Sol Campbell left Macclesfield Town on Thursday, but the Arsenal legend believes he managed to do a great job at the club.

Former English Premier League footballer Sol Campbell left Macclesfield Town by mutual consent after eight months in charge of the League Two club.

And Arsenal legend Tony Cascarino has praised him.

“Sol could probably do a book on what’s happened in the last year as being a manager and going to Macclesfield Town,” Cascarino told talkSPORT.

“Going down to that level, I’ve always said if you go to that level, be prepared to know as much as you can and employ people around you that know that level brilliantly – that gives you a chance.”

“Sol, he was never onto a winner going to Macclesfield Town, especially with their circumstances off the field,” he added.

“To keep them up was pretty much a minor miracle. I’ve lauded Phil Parkinson at Bolton when he got promoted when he was under an [transfer] embargo.”

“He went down and he’s still their manager. He’s in a similar situation [to Campbell], imagine coming in here and none of us have been paid and we’re having to do a show,” he commented.

“Sol had only lost two of his last 10 games. So when I heard the news midweek, and it was apparently by both parties mutual consent, I was stunned with the circumstances that Sol had thrown himself into.”

Cascarino added: “He’s a wealthy boy, he would have made a lot of money, he’s given himself a chance to be a manager.”

“I can’t imagine going into training every day, keeping the team, trying to bring in new people in the summer, not getting paid and having players at that level, because I’ve been there, players that can’t afford to pay their mortgages, having to deal with no wages.”