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Cassano attacks Wanda again

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Antonio Cassano has launched another scathing attack on Wanda Nara with regards to Mauro Icardi.

The former Inter Milan forward recently blamed Wanda for her role in Icardi’s feud with Inter over the captaincy and accused her of spilling out a lot of information.

“The person who created this disaster is her,” he said on Tiki Taka and cited on Football Italia.

“She caused Icardi problems. She created this scorched earth around him. Let’s get this straight, you [Wanda] talk too much, you’re the Coach, you use social media too much.

The former Inter striker hinted Icardi’s injury claims are fake, suggesting he decided to stay away from the club because he lost the armband.

“If Inter took the armband from him, there’ll be a reason for it: Ausilo, Marotta, Spalletti, and Zhang aren’t crazy.

“Then there’s another thing: first Mauro had no pain in his knee but did after they took the armband from him.

“I did theatrics when I was 21. If he doesn’t get back to playing, he’ll leave. It’s a situation of no return.”

Cassano feels the Argentine’s agent is the architect of the problems between the player and Inter Milan.

“The reality is that for four months, we’ve been talking about this situation because of the things Wanda has said.

“Spalletti made me captain when I was 20 [at Roma]. I was vice-captain after Totti and he told me that I wouldn’t be anymore because I wasn’t an example.

“He was right. If he did it with Icardi, there’ll be a reason for it.”

Inter Milan are still in the hunt for a Champions League ticket in both the Serie A and Europa League.