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Cassano sends a signal warning to Ronaldo: “He could face a two-year ban”

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Cristiano Ronaldo left the stadium early last night, as the five-time Ballon d’Or winner wasn’t happy after Sarri replaced him with Dybala.

After Ronaldo left the pitch, Juve took the lead with Dybala’s individual brilliance.

The Portuguese isn’t used to this kind of treatment, which led to his fury outburst.

Antonio Cassano talked about his own experience in a similar situation.

The Italian hot-head was one of the most talented players in the country in his time, after which he developed a reputation for his lack of effort.

“You can’t leave the stadium because there is an anti-doping control. I had to go back to the stadium urgently to avoid a two-year ban,” Cassano said, as quoted by Givemesport.

Ronaldo received a lot of criticism for his actions last night.

Juventus’ striker needs to get his head straight as soon as possible, as his age is showing cracks.