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Cazorla: “I miss everything about Arsenal”

Santi Cazorla, Arsenal, Premier League
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Santi Cazorla is a special, special footballer. The Spaniard captured Arsenal fans’ hearts with his magic touch and understanding of the game.

Cazorla is playing for Villareal nowadays, brilliantly commanding the midfield.

This earned him a Spain call-up, and he’s a likely candidate to make the squad for Euro 2020.

Known for prowess with both of his feet, his magical never ceases to amaze.

He wasn’t even supposed to walk by now. After a grueling injury, doctors told Cazorla he could remain in the wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Instead, Cazorla got up, shaken off the dust, and started working. It led him to where he is now.

An inspiring career is an example for everyone. However, Cazorla still holds a special place in his heart for Arsenal.

“I never got to say a proper goodbye. It was the biggest team I played for in my career and I miss everything about Arsenal,” he told Independent.

“I don’t know what my legacy is there, you would have to ask the fans, but I want to say thank you to them all. I would like to play at the Emirates one last time before I retire.

“I don’t know what I will do afterwards – maybe a coach, maybe a sporting director – but I would love to go back to Arsenal.

“I lived in London for six years. My son loved it there. In the future, we will see if I have the possibility.”

Hopefully, Arsenal finds a place for an absolute legend after he retires. For now, we’ll all enjoy the talent that Santi Cazorla is.