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CBF vicechairman wants Neymar to miss the Copa America

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Given how complicated the whole situation is with Neymar, the CBF vicechairman thinks it’s best for him to simply miss the Copa America.

We recently discussed how Neymar’s career is getting dangerously close to getting completely ruined, we just received news of this summer’s Copa America.

The Brazil international is currently going through a very rough time personally, a situation that puts him right in the “eye of the hurricane”.

Neymar has been accused of raping a woman during an intimate meeting they had back in April, the alleged victim is accusing Neymar of meeting with her in a Paris hotel and forcing himself on her.

There is a written statement from the woman and there has been photographic evidence of Neymar behaving aggressively just moments before the alleged sexual assault took place.

Neymar had a long conversation with manager ‘Tite’ earlier on Tuesday and the player broke down in tears.

The PSG star is clearly compromised to play the Copa America with the national team, but the gaffer wants his main player to keep training with the squad.

The manager clearly has Neymar’s back with all this drama, he made his support public by offering an update in a press conference on Tuesday morning.

During this press conference, ‘Tite’ didn’t want to reveal this conversation with the media and he confirmed they also spoke about the player losing the captain’s armband.

“Technically he’s essential. I don’t want to say that he’s irreplaceable because every player is replaceable,” Tite said via Marca.

“I have a great relationship with him and I’m close to him. The national team goes before all of us.”

“We will be helping him in the best way we can. The awareness of the group is very important in this case.”

“Neymar is an extraordinary player and we have a very personal relationship. Our relationship is very open and truthful.”

“I’m not going to judge in this case because Neymar has always been very loyal to me.”

“Before all these allegations came out, Neymar was stripped of the Brazil captaincy as Tite gave the armband to Dani Alves for the Copa America.”

“I’m not going to reveal the conversation I had with Neymar about the [captaincy],” Tite said.

“I spoke to Neymar, I explained it to him, and then to Dani, first by phone and then in person when he got here.”

“My dream was that [Neymar] would be the one lifting the World Cup last summer.”

The CBF vicechairman’s stab in Neymar’s back.

But not everybody from the Brazil National Team is currently supporting Neymar, there are important members of the CBF board that don’t want him to play.

Vice-chairman Francisco Novelletto just appeared on TV stating that he thinks Neymar will step down from the Copa America.

He explained there is a video that will possibly surface of the player publicly excusing himself from the competition.

Novelletto is on the side of the people who want Neymar out of the squad. There are many board members who don’t think the player will be at his best mentally for the tournament.

“If I had to bet 10 chips and they asked me what I would bet on… I bet Neymar won’t come to the Copa America and he will ask for a leave of absence,” said Novelletto via Lance.

“He is not mentally prepared to perform in the Copa America and an armada filled with journalists.”

“Neymar already underperformed in the last World Cup. Can you imagine what an emotional burden that would be? The whole world wins if Neymar doesn’t show up for this competition.”

What should Neymar do, play or not play the Copa America with Brazil? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.