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Ceballos inspired by Fabregas

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Dani Ceballos says that he is a huge fan of Cesc Fabregas and Santi Cazorla who made a name for themselves with the Gunners.

Dani Ceballos is looking forward to life in the Premier League after sealing a loan move to Real Madrid. The young Spaniard is a huge fan of former Arsenal players, Fabregas and Cazorla and says that he wants to enjoy the same success his compatriots had in North London.

The youngster is going to be a very important player for Unai Emery’s side and Ceballos said that after seeing Fabregas and Cazorla enjoy so much success at the club, he wanted to experience the same things.

“When I knew I was joining the club I looked at the Spanish players that had played here in the past,” Ceballos told the club’s official website.

“I think Santi Cazorla played some amazing football here and Cesc was the captain for a long time.”

Ceballos added: “I think Cazorla is one of Spain’s best midfielders. I’d love to play with him one day – although that would be tricky because there’s a big age difference between us.

“The level Cazorla played at last year after coming back from a really serious injury that just wouldn’t go away… I really think you have to take your hat off to him because I don’t think many players would be able to do what he has done.”

Ceballos also said that he drew inspiration from Cesc Fabregas.

“Cesc has always been a player with real character and pride inside. I think you have to have a huge sense of responsibility to be the captain of a club as big as Arsenal and he never faltered.

“He always took responsibility at Arsenal, Barcelona and with Spain and he’s always stepped up at the key moments at all of his clubs.”