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Petr Cech Still to Make a Move Following Arsenal Departure

Petr Cech Still to Make a Move Following Arsenal Departure
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It will definitely be a long summer of anticipation for Petr Cech, who remains determined to stay with Arsenal until his contract expires.

It isn’t easy being Petr Cech. Despite plenty of rumors on his possible departure from Arsenal, the goalkeeper recently commented on the topic, opposing popular opinion. In fact, Cech remains adamant to remain part of Arsenal for the time being, or until his contract expires this summer.

The goalkeeper suffered a haunting loss with Arsenal after his team lost the coveted Europa League trophy to Chelsea. As of Wednesday, there has been an ongoing debate on what Cech’s next move might be. Nevermind the fact that he played a solid game against his former club, his future remained uncertain following the loss.

To set the record straight, the 37-year-old goalkeeper noted earlier that he will be putting an end to his playing, but not his football career.

Chelsea’s fans were eager to learn whether he’d be given a position on Chelsea’s board after his retirement, but Cech wasn’t quick to spill the beans.

Petr Cech Still to Make a Move Following Arsenal Departure
BAKU, AZERBAIJAN – MAY 29: Petr Cech of Arsenal attempts to save from Cesar Azpilicueta of Chelsea during the UEFA Europa League Final between Chelsea and Arsenal at Baku Olimpiya Stadionu on May 29, 2019, in Baku, Azerbaijan. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)

“It’s the most disappointing thing. I wanted to lift the trophy and then sit down,” Cech explained to BT Sport.

“At this point, I won’t decide on the issue, I’m still an Arsenal player.”

According to Standard, Cech has an active contract, expiring June 30. Prior to the horrifying match for Arsenal in Baku, the team landed fifth on this year’s Premier League’s table. Naturally, Cech, as well as other Gunners, saw the loss as a failure, which puts the club’s stability at risk.

“We worked so hard in the year and we got nothing. This group of players doesn’t deserve to lose. The people, players, staff, behind the scenes, people can’t see how much work went in. It’s easy to say we come back empty-handed and lost 4-1, but the work we have done… Next season we will be next stronger.”