The UEFA president believes the federation needs to find ideas to help fans get tickets, but the sponsors also deserve them.

The UEFA Champions League and Europa League Finals have been criticized for being too difficult to attend.

No only the Europa League was played in Asia, in a country considered part of UEFA, but also the Champions League Final tickets were very difficult to acquire.

Many say the corporate tickets took a big percentage of the stadium, but today UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin came out to discuss these problems.

“It would be populistic now to say we will change everything,” he said according to The Telegraph.

“Maybe an idea would be that together with clubs, especially the big ones, we create a fund.”

“We give some money and whoever qualified has money for their fans to travel,” he added.

“If a sponsor pays £100 million a year [to UEFA], they want to have something [tickets] for that.”

He continued: “And this £100 million goes back to the clubs.”

“The same clubs that come to the finals because of that money. So it’s a vicious circle.”

manchester city

City appear to have avoided a UCL ban

Manchester City appears to have avoided a UEFA Champions League ban for a breach of financial fair play regulations.

Fans had a very difficult time to acquire the Champions League Final tickets.

Re-selling websites sold 9,000 tickets, and most of them came from the allocations handed to sponsors and corporations.

This means, most of the 17,000 allocated to each club was used by the real team’s fans.

“I gave up my year’s savings to get here,” James Mellor, a 39-year-old Spurs fan said.

“It’s an outrage that so few tickets were made. Why weren’t more available via official channels?”

Some tickets were sold for over 5,000 Euros to some real eager fans.


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