Ceferin promises tough action if Man City is found guilty

Aleksander Ceferin has promised UEFA will take the necessary actions against Manchester City amid fears of a ban from the Champions League.

Recent leaks into the financial conduct of Man City published in German outlet Der Spiegel have prompted the regulatory committee to investigate the situation.

There are suggestions City may face a Champions League ban if found guilty with UEFA referring the case to Club Financial Control Body adjudicatory chamber.

The treble-winning club has branded the accusations “entirely false”, suggesting there will be a positive outcome.

The investigation is set to last for weeks and while Ceferin refused to comment on the individual case, he insists UEFA will have no qualms about coming down hard on any club.

“Sometimes we forget how dirty this industry is,” Ceferin told the New York Times.

There are fears European heavyweights such as City and PSG would manage to avoid a heavy sanction, while lesser names wouldn’t be as fortunate.

But Ceferin added: “If you do it right, you don’t sell yourself.

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“If you are not involved in any strange business, if you are not corrupted, then you go straight forward and be fair to anyone.”

Manchester City admitted they were “disappointed but regrettably not surprised” by the developments of last week.

A statement read: “Manchester City is entirely confident of a positive outcome when the matter is considered by an independent judicial body.

“The accusation of financial irregularities remains entirely false and the CFCB IC referral ignores a comprehensive body of irrefutable evidence provided by Manchester City FC to the Chamber.

“The decision contains mistakes, misinterpretations and confusions fundamentally borne out of a basic lack of due process and there remain significant unresolved matters raised by Manchester City FC as part of what the Club has found to be a wholly unsatisfactory, curtailed, and hostile process.”


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