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Ceferin reveals how football can win back the trust of fans

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The UEFA president was elected in 2016 for the European governing body, and he believes it is difficult to be a trusty organization again.

In 2015 the FIFA scandal shocked the football world.

A series of revelations uncovered tax evasion and back-room deal-making in the organization.

And in 2016, Aleksander Ceferin was selected as the new UEFA president, and his main objective is to win back the trust of fans.

“European football is an important industry,” he told Die Spiegel.

“And because there is so much passion connected to it, these things get much more attention than in other industries.”

“I can only tell you that UEFA really is a clean organization,” he added.

“Of course, there are things that I see from time to time which we try to repair.”

“But when you ask a normal fan, he just throws FIFA and UEFA together and says: ‘You’re all corrupt’,” he explained.

“I don’t want to explain anymore. What do those people really know about how we work?”

He commented: “We are not corrupt. I have a salary, I don’t get secret money on the side. I don’t do backroom deals.”

“After my election, I was only worried about my tax situation, working in Switzerland and living in Slovenia.”

“I said I cannot make a mistake on taxes,” he added.

“In the football world, most officials fail because of their greed. They keep more money than they’re allowed.”