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Celtic boss hopes his team can beat Cluj

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According to Celtic’s manager Neil Lennon, his club has what it takes to defeat Romanian team Cluj, after tying 1-1 on the first leg.

The third qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League will be closed this week.

During the first leg, Scottish Premier League club Celtic tied 1-1 with Romanian side Cluj.

And for the Scottish’s boss Neil Lennon, his team has what it takes to defeat the Romanians.

“They are a big, strong team, they have good pace in certain areas and they are direct,” Lennon said according to The Guardian.

“They are a threat at set-plays. I don’t think it’s going to be over-physical, it wasn’t in Romania.”

The boss explained: “There was plenty in the game in the first leg to suggest we could hurt Cluj in certain areas, so that’s what we will be trying to do.”

“Cluj will be hungry. You can see from some of the soundbites coming from them what the game means to them as well.”

“We have to match that hunger and earn the right to play and then really play with purpose and a forcefulness,” he said.

“I just ignore it because we have had our fair share of decisions go against us in Europe over the years.”

“I thought the referee was excellent in the first leg. I have no complaints about any of the refereeing performances we have seen so far and I don’t think there is any bias from referees either,” Lennon concluded.