Celtic fires cleaner accusing her of leaking documents; she’s fighting back

The 57-year-old janitor and her son were part of the staff at Celtic Park, but they have been accused of leaking transfer documents.

Cleaner Maureen Quinn has been fired by the Celtic Football Club, accused of leaking documents.

Her son Edward has also been suspended from his security job at the team’s Lennoxtown training center.

But she says she has done nothing wrong, and the 57-year-old cleaner is now fighting back.

“I’ve done nothing wrong and I’m getting blamed for whatever this is,” she told The Daily Star.

“I know my son would do nothing wrong either. We’re just scapegoats. I want to clear my name.”

She added: “They pulled me in three times for meetings about this.”

“In my job at Lennoxtown, I empty bins and take them to the bin room on a trolley.”

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“I think they believe I’ve gone through the bins and found this paper, gave it to my son and he’s photographed it,” she commented.

“I support Celtic because my son and husband do but I couldn’t name half their players. I couldn’t care less what’s on a bit of paper.”

A club’s spokesman said: “This is an internal matter. We are satisfied that the club has acted appropriately.”


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