Cesc Fabregas thinks Eden Hazard will stay at Chelsea

During a very personal interview with Cadena SER, Cesc Fabregas revealed that he doesn’t think Eden Hazard will leave Chelsea for Real Madrid.

After Eden Hazard’s ominous announcement in which he revealed that he has made a final decision about his future but refused to share it, Cesc Fabregas is convinced that the Belgian winger won’t push his exit from the Blues and he thinks there is a major possibility that the player decided to stay with the Blues.

The Catalan midfielder has a front-row connection to Hazard himself, they both shared the dressing room at Chelsea and had some memorable nights together when Jose Mourinho came back to manage the club.

During their time there it was evident that Hazard always talked about Real Madrid with his teammates, Fabregas never really liked that because he is a die-hard Barcelona supporter but he always respected the Belgian player’s wishes.

Now that Cesc has left the club an plays for Monaco, he lost a bit of contact with Hazard and didn’t realize that he already stated that a decision has been made about his future.

Cesc has an idea of what that choice may be, which might be something that most of the Real Madrid supporters won’t like.

Cesc spoke to Cadena SER in an interview on Thursday where he discussed several topics, he talked about life after football and the possibility of becoming a manager once he retires.

Fabregas also spoke about how shocked he was when Thierry Henry was sacked at Monaco and how well his family has adapted to their new life in France. But the hot topic of the discussion was about Eden Hazard and his decision.

“Frankly, I don’t know what Eden will do,” said Cesc on Cadena SER’s El Larguero.

“I do know he loves Real Madrid but he is happy at Chelsea and his family loves living in London. He is also the first captain of the team.”

“However, he needs to make a decision before next summer because he hasn’t renewed his contract.”

“He is already 28 years old and this would be the perfect moment to leave, it would be a very personal decision though.”

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“If he already said that he has made his choice, I think that he will renew his contract with Chelsea. I just found out about that actually.”

“I can tell you that Hazard would never get into a disagreement with Chelsea because he wants to leave. It is the club of his life and he has won everything in England playing for them.”

“But I believe that if he already made the decision, it was a while ago because those choices are usually not made during mid-season.”

Everybody at Chelsea is urging Eden to make a public statement about his decision, the people who are closest to the club think that not knowing the player’s future might not be good for the club.

Otherwise, if Eden publicly says what he is going to do, the squad can fully concentrate on the duties that are still ahead under manager Maurizio Sarri and Hazard won’t be distracted with this topic anymore.

But we think that the player has decided to make the announcement until the end of the season, which is something that will make a lot of people scratch their heads until Eden Hazard reveals his future.

One thing is for sure though, Real Madrid had many chances to make their move during the winter transfer window and they didn’t do anything substantial to bring Hazard to the club.

There is a very real possibility that Eden has already made peace with the idea that he may never play for Los Blancos, despite his constant flirting with the Spanis club.

What do you think Eden Hazard’s final choice is, stay at Chelsea or to play for Real Madrid? Please leave your opinion in the comment section down below.


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