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Check out Cristiano Ronaldo’s private jet, the Gulfstream

Check out Cristiano Ronaldo's private jet, the Gulfstream G650
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Ever wondered how Cristiano Ronaldo travels around the world? Then check out the star’s latest bad boy, the Gulfstream G650.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s estimated fortune of $460m (€408m) makes him the richest footballer on the planet. Therefore, he’s never been shy to splash the cash before. On one occasion in 2018, the star gave hotel staff at a Greek resort a €20,000 tip. His only condition was that they shared it equally between themselves.

“The 10 employees, who had been tasked with providing services to Ronaldo’s family and to keep them away from the paparazzi, each received €2,000,” read a report from Greek sports magazine, Sportime.

The Juventus forward has also used his wealth to purchase many lucrative properties and sports cars. And with a near-limitless income, why shouldn’t he enjoy some perks? Even if the coronavirus pandemic cuts his Juventus salary more than he’s already agreed on, there is still a host of sponsorship deals on his door. So either way, CR7 won’t be going broke in this lifetime.

To find out all the details on Ronaldo’s net worth and how he uses his money, then click on this link here.

As one of the most famous athletes, however, Ronaldo is easily recognisable. Therefore, he needs to avoid huge crowds of fans while out travelling the world and ideally get to his destination quickly.

To resolve this problem Ronaldo owns his own private plane, which is reportedly a Gulfstream G650 jet. This beauty had a list asking price of $70m in 2019. It can carry from 11 to 18 passengers and has a top speed of Mach 0.925. The jet is Gulfstream’s largest and quickest business model.

The twin-engine plane can carry up to 2,950 kilograms and travel 7,000 nautical miles. Not a bad fit for someone like CR7, right?

Buyers can also fit the Gulfstream G650 with a kitchen, bar and some entertainment facilities. Although Ronaldo has released no details on this subject, so we can only guess on this one.

There are also 16 large cabin windows, designed to maximise natural light in the plane. And much like CR7, the G650ER is a record-breaker in its own right after flying 15,518 km from Singapore to Tucson non-stop in April 2019. It was the longest trip set by a purpose-built business jet.

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Cristiano Ronaldo jet
Cristiano Ronaldo jet
Seating area
Cristiano Ronaldo jet
General picture of a
Gulfstream G650
Map of plane
Gulfstream G650
Main Bedroom
Gulfstream G650
Seating Area

Pictures courtesy of GlobalAir.com.