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Chelsea skipped past Aguero signing due to Terry’s intervention

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Aguero made a huge career in Manchester City shirt, marking his name in the history books of the Premier League.

However, things could’ve been a lot different, both for Aguero and Manchester City.

After scoring a brace for Atletico against Chelsea, the Blues were adamant about signing the Argentinian.

According to The Athletic, John Terry vetoed Aguero’s signing. The Englishman preferred some other options, as he even said in an interview back then.

“I think we’ll see Chelsea back and competing for the top players who are out there at the moment.

“The likes of Franck Ribery, David Villa. These are the kind of players we want to attract.”

Even though Ancelotti was impressed with Aguero, the captain’s word prevailed.

It’s a big what-if for Chelsea, but they did fine even without the later Manchester City legend, winning the Champions League in 2012.