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Chelsea Women’s boss asks if goals and pitches should be smaller for female footballers

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Her opinion comes after the United States women’s national team trashed Thailand 13-0 in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France.

Thailandese goalkeeper Sukanya Chor Charoenying conceded 13 goals against the United States in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France.

And Chelsea Women’s manager Emma Hayes has asked if smaller goals and pitches for female footballers would be better or not.

“There is one obvious reason why women play on the size of pitches and goals that we see now,” Hayed was quoted by Give Me Sport.

“That is what we were given. And maybe no one ever thought to question whether it makes sense.”

“But if you look at some other sports, someone must have decided one day that, actually, it would be daft to get women — an average height in the UK 5ft 3in compared with 5ft 9in for men — to run over the same sprint hurdles in the Olympics,” she said.

“The women’s hurdles were made to be nine inches shorter, 33in compared with 42.”

“Perhaps this height differential alone is a reason why, according to statistics supplied by Opta, the average shot distance for the WSL is greater than the Premier League (17.9m compared with 16.5m) with a greater proportion of shots from outside the penalty area (42 percent to 38 percent) even though women shoot with less power,” she explained.

“You might think that the women’s game would have fewer long-range efforts considering the power issue but, actually, there are slightly more goals scored from outside the box.”

“Given the average height of goalkeepers, of course, it makes sense to be more speculative, but it is not necessarily a good look for the game,” she concluded.