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Chiellini admires Suarez who is an SOB just like him

Suarez, Chiellini
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Giorgio Chiellini insists he has nothing but admiration for the man who bit him, Luis Suarez, in fact, he thinks they both just a pair of sons of b****es.

Who can ever forget the time that Luis Suarez stooped so low as to bite Giorgio Chiellini during a World Cup match?

Chiellini would be forgiven for having some choice words for someone who would do such a thing.

But the Juventus and Italy defender insists he has nothing but admiration for the Uruguayan striker.

In fact, he is adamant they are not that different and it perhaps makes them so good at what they do.

According to Goal, he said of Suarez in his autobiography I Giorgio :

“The truth is, I admire his mischief because if Suarez were to lose that, he would become an average player.”

“Suarez and I are similar and I like facing strikers like him.”

“I too am a son of a b*tch on the field and proud of it.”

“Mischief and a little bit of malice are part of the game, I wouldn’t call that cheating.”

“You need to be intelligent to overcome your rival.”

Chiellini even called the Barcelona man after the game but wanted no apology.

He added:

“I called him a couple of days after the game, but he had no need to apologise to me.”

Suarez has had a colorful career and is arguably one of the best strikers in the business. But moments like this leave scratching our heads and wondering why?