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Chiellini calls Ramos’ Champions League foul on Salah a masterstroke

Sergio Ramos, Mohamed Salah
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Giorgio Chiellini has hailed Sergio Ramos as the best defender in the world, while also lauding his famous arm tackle on Mohamed Salah as brilliant.

For many, Van Dijk might be the best defender in the world but for Chiellini, it’s Sergio Ramos.

The Juventus captain has heaped praise on a fellow captain he believes is the best in his position.

Ramos came under intense criticism for a foul on Mohamed Salah when Real Madrid played Liverpool in 2018’s Champions League final.

Following that foul, Salah eventually had to come off and many believe the game could have been different if the Egyptian remained on the pitch.

Another top defender in Chiellini has a different view to that and has even used that as one of his reasons why Ramos is still the best defender in the world.

“He’s the best defender in the world,” read a new excerpt from his new autobiography, leaked by AS and cited by Football-Italia.

“They say he’s impulsive, not tactical at all, that 8-10 goals are conceded each season through his mistakes, that he’s very technical and that he could be a striker, which is the opposite of me.”

“However, Ramos has two characteristics that almost no-one else has. He knows how to be decisive in big games, with interventions that go beyond any logic, that even cause injuries with almost devilish wit.”

“The one on Salah in the 2018 Champions League Final was a masterstroke. He’s always said that he didn’t do it on purpose, knowing that nine times out of ten, falling like he did and by not letting go, he risked breaking his opponent’s arm.”

But what would the Madrid defence look like without Ramos controlling things? Chiellini has another strong opinion.

“The strength he transmits through his presence alone is incredible. Without Ramos, some champions like Varane, Carvajal and Marcelo seem like schoolboys. They suddenly regress. Real Madrid become a defenceless team.”

“With him at the Bernabeu, you can be sure that the Spaniards wouldn’t have lost to Ajax by three goals. I’d bet any money on that.”

Sergio Ramos or Virgil Van Dijk? Who would you rather have in your team? Let us know in the comments section below.