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Chiellini confessed Juventus is “a work in progress”

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According to Bianconeri footballer Giorgio Chiellini his team is still in its infancy as they are understanding how to work under Maurizio Sarri.

Maurizio Sarri is yet to coach a Juventus official match and there’s already pressure over his job.

But his player, Giorgio Chiellini, has confessed the team is a “work in progress” under the Italian manager.

“Every coach has his characteristics. Allegri was different from Antonio Conte, just as Sarri is different from Allegri,” Chiellini was quoted by Football Italia.

“We are trying to understand his requests as quickly as possible. We’re still a work in progress, as for some reason Serie A is the only league that starts at the end of August.”

“From next week we’ll start stepping up a gear both physically and mentally.”

He added: “I think last season Inter had the kind of squad that could win the Scudetto and they’ve further reinforced this summer.”

“I think there is a bit of a gap between us, Inter and Napoli, but at the end of the day it’ll always be tough to win.”

“There will be pressure on us, but also on Inter, because a club that spent that much money on the transfer market cannot hide away and pretend they’re not expected to win,” he commented.

“The same goes for Napoli, we are three teams starting with the objective of victory.”

“He was the most sought-after young defender in Europe and Juventus did very well to get him,” concluded Chiellini.