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Chiellini explains why he hugged Koulibaly after late own goal

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Chiellini has explained the sympathy he felt for Koulibaly after the Napoli defender scored an own goal against Juventus earlier in the season.

Chiellini and Koulibaly were at opposite ends when Juventus faced Napoli earlier in the season.

After conceding three goals from Juventus, Napoli did the unbelievable by racing to a 3-3 comeback.

And just when it looked like the game was ending with spoils shared, Koulibaly misjudged a corner kick and sent a volley into his own net.

Chiellini felt compassion for his defensive counterpart and immediately went to hug him just after that.

Juventus won the game simply because of that and Chiellini has explained why he was moved to do so with the Napoli man.

“I think back to our embrace on the Allianz Stadium pitch after his own goal on August 31,” Chiellini writes in an upcoming autobiography, as revealed by Tuttosport.

“The way I am, that gesture of mine almost displeased me; perhaps it would have been better to hug him in the locker room and keep this moment just between us.

“But it happened spontaneously. I looked for Kalidou, going to him on crutches.

Chiellini added that he has a good relationship with Koulibaly and couldn’t help but feel pity after his own goal.

“The night before, he sent me a ‘good luck’ message. With him, I have always had a wonderful relationship.”

“Such a strong player, such a good person and in the 92nd minute of a crucial game, he makes a mistake like that!”

“Seeing the look on his face melted me. I felt I had to say a few words of comfort, nothing more: ‘You are the best, everyone makes mistakes, keep on working the way you do and everything will pass”.

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