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Chiellini heaps praise on ‘smart’ De Ligt

De Ligt, Juventus, Serie A
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Giorgio Chiellini has admired Mathjis de Ligt for his ability to learn despite his young age.

Mathjis de Ligt won the Kopa trophy last night for his heroics for Ajax last season. The Dutchman edged out Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho and Atletico’s Joao Felix to become only the second player to win the award after Kylian Mbappe.

Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini has addressed De Ligt’s capabilities while backing him for success with the Old Lady.

“I talk to him every day, he’s smart, he wants to learn and is doing so quickly,” Chiellini said as per Football Italia.

“He was only born in 1999 and he has been catapulted into a new way of playing.”

Giorgio Chiellini also talked about Juventus’ recent performances. The 35-year old admitted that his team needs to upgrade their playing style if the want to stay relevant in the Serie A.

“Between January and February, we need to upgrade. We will have to try and play a bit better. We need a spark to propel us,” Chiellini said.

“Over the past few years, we enjoyed winning 1-0. Now we must get used to being courageous and take risks, like against Inter. We can’t stay in limbo.”

“There may be some teams that are stronger than us, but talking will be done on the pitch,” Giorgio Chiellini declared.

“There are 5-6 teams, including us, that aim to win every year.”