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Chiellini: I was a Milan fan but then I became intelligent


Chiellini has revealed that he supported Milan as he grew up but changed his mind with age.

Giorgio Chiellini is one of the most decorated defenders in Italian football. The 35-year has stood the test of time and has managed to stay consistent even after his peak.

Recently, Chiellini spoke with Italian website Tuttojuve. The former Roma man revealed that as a child he supported AC Milan.

“I was a fan of Milan, unfortunately, but then I improved, growing up I became more intelligent.

“And Maldini was my favorite. I have a twin brother; he was for Juventus and I couldn’t support the same as him. He was for Juve and he was from Milan, you can imagine when at the age of 20 how happy my brother was when Juve bought me.

“And since I’ve been here it’s been love and now, I think it’s hard to find someone more Juventus than me on earth.”

The Juve defender also spoke about his admiration for the Champions League and its anthem.

“The anthem of the Champions League is adrenaline-pumping. It’s the last moment before you enter the pitch.

“It’s a beautiful emotion and it activates you, but the most beautiful anthem is when there’s the national team anthem. They put in the Juve anthem before we go out on the pitch, and they sing the national anthem on the pitch,” Chiellini said.