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Chiesa sets up Ronaldo for his 25th goal in Serie A

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With an incredible solo play, Federico Chiesa set Ronaldo up for his 25th goal of the season in Serie A between Juventus and Napoli. 

Federico Chiesa is proving to be one of the best signings of the season after today’s assist to Cristiano Ronaldo. Before today’s game started between Napoli and Juventus, there was a lot of expectation for what Cristiano and Romalu Lukaku could do. During Inter Milan’s match against Sassuolo, the Belgian striker scored the opener just minutes before Cristiano did his thing.

However, this wouldn’t be possible without Federico Chiesa’s incredible solo effort to assist the Portuguese star. Even though Napoli still played competitive football during the start of the game, the Juventus squad was determined to get the three points. Early in the first half, there was a solo effort where Chiesa dribbled past three defenders on the right flank. He saw Ronaldo at the heart of the box and sent him a clinical cross. 

Cristiano is 11 goals behind Higuain. 

As Ronaldo took his shot to the bottom corner for Juventus’ opening goal, he soon realized he was closer to his ultimate objective this season. As a man who loves breaking records, Ronaldo has his sights set on one of his friends from Real Madrid. Gonzalo Higuain arrived at Napoli to set a record of most goals scored in a single Serie A season.

Even though Cristiano didn’t make it to the top of the scoring table in previous years, this season looks more promising. With 25 goals, Ronaldo is only 11 goals behind that historic number set by ‘Pipita’. There is still a lot left to play during this game but Cristiano sure started off in the best possible manner. But the real question is: can Cristiano score more than one goal against Napoli tonight?