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Chigova says Zimbabwe was focused on AFCON despite problems

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The national team threatened to forfeit the tournament after the Zimbabwe Football Association failed to pay them allowances.

In the weeks before the start of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, the Zimbabwe national team threatened to forfeit the tournament.

The Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) hadn’t paid the agreed allowances to the players.

And then, they played against Egypt yesterday, only to lose 1-0 in the opening match of the competition.

But for goalkeeper George Chigova, the team was the focus on the AFCON despite all the problems.

“We know there were problems, but as players, we told ourselves we had to forget about whatever had happened in the last few days,” Chigova told Goal.

“Today was the day we had been waiting for since we qualified in March, so we didn’t lose because of issues in the last two days.”

“Everything is sorted; the relationship [with Zifa] is always good but every house has got its own problems and we’ve solved it,” he added.

“They understand us, we understood them and we move on.”

“There are no grudges, and it is water under the bridge for us and them. Now we have to focus on the tournament and make the people back home proud,” he concluded.