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Chris Kirland checks into rehab

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Former Liverpool goalkeeper, Chris Kirkland has checked into a local rehab facility after suffering from anxiety and depression.

Chris Kirland retired from football three years ago and since then, the former England international has been fighting anxiety and depression.

The Englishman’s issues were first revealed by him in 2017. And now, in a bid to tackle the issue, Kirkland is undergoing therapy at Portland Place in Wales. The former Liverpool man tweeted about his condition (via Daily Mail) and said that he did not want any sympathy.

He said: “I don’t want sympathy with this tweet, the reason I’m sharing this is for people to know, it’s OK to ask for HELP.”

“I’m 1 week into my rehabilitation @Parkland_Place what a wonderful place, the staff do a fantastic job in every way possible, I’m feeling great but long way to go.”

Kirkland spent five years with Liverpool and represented England once. He retired in 2016 with his last club being Bury. It was during his last professional spell at a club where the keeper opened up about his condition.

Kirkland revealed that he broke down during a preseason tour to Portugal and informed the club owner that he just couldn’t play football anymore.

“We went to Portugal in pre-season and I didn’t want to go out there. We stayed in these villas, where I was on the top floor, and I just broke down.

“I rang the owner and said: “Look, I can’t do this anymore. I need to get help and I need to get home”. I was on a rooftop, thinking… You think about it but you don’t think. It sounds weird.”

Kirkland revealed that he actually wanted to jump from the rooftop.

“Yeah. So I flew back the next day, and when [then-boss] Dave Flitcroft and Bury got back I went to see him and said: “I’m in a bad way here… I’m struggling. I need some time”.

“And he gave me two weeks, he was brilliant.”